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Leaving an infant in the care of others can be stressful for both the parent and the baby. Your baby can’t tell you how his day went or whether her care was loving and safe. We understand those anxieties at Grandmas Daycare, a baby day care in Red Bluff, CA, and we do everything in our power to soothe them. We provide a totally safe place for your infant to spend the day, and caregivers for babies who enjoy cuddling and caring for them.

Babies are born eager to learn. They want to observe, listen to, smell, touch, and taste everything around them. The staff of our day care for babies provides opportunities for your infant to discover the world in safety. We monitor your child’s emotional development as she begins to communicate needs and enjoy interaction with others. Care for babies requires tenderness and patience, qualities your infant will find in abundance at Grandmas Daycare.

We also focus on your baby’s physical progress. Using toys and special mats, we help babies develop their physical coordination and motor skills. When your baby begins to push up, sit up, crawl, and eventually walk, we’re almost as proud and excited as you are. As your child grows, we will help him overcome many challenges as he enters our toddler program.

Grandmas Daycare maintains a low caregiver/infant ratio in order for your child to receive as much individual nurturing and care as possible. Even our youngest babies enjoy hours of cuddling, reading, singing, and feeding. Reading and conversation are important to infants, for both socialization and education. Because we don’t want our infants to suffer from fear or separation anxiety, we make sure each infant caregiver we employ is a person who loves babies and likes interacting with them.

It’s natural to worry when you return to work after your baby is born.

Allow us to relieve your anxiety for your precious little one at the best infant childcare center in Red Bluff, CA.

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